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How much is a set of supermarket shelves in general?


Supermarket shelves are an important part of the supermarket display, not only has the role of displaying goods, but also reasonable placement of supermarket shelves can effectively enhance the turnover of the supermarket. So the question arises, how much is a set of supermarket shelves? How much does a 50 square supermarket need to invest?


Factors that determine the price of supermarket shelves

Since supermarket shelves are a combined structure, the price varies greatly with the choice of different styles and accessories. Therefore, there is no way to generalize the price of supermarket shelves.

The main factor affecting the price of supermarket shelves is the material, the main material of supermarket shelves are all-steel, iron and steel-wood three materials.

Iron supermarket shelves: built from ordinary iron, cheap but general quality. Also very easy to rust and corrosion, thus affecting the use of time.

Steel supermarket shelves: refined from good cold-rolled steel, resistant to wear and tear, and long service life. At the same time, the purchase price is moderate, but the steel supermarket shelves are not very good placement.

Steel-wood supermarket shelves: the main frame is good cold-rolled steel, backboard, laminate and side panels are chosen from good wooden plates. It combines beauty and practicality, and the overall appearance is more noble, but the price is more expensive.

All-steel shelves are much cheaper compared to steel-wood supermarket shelves, but the aesthetics of steel-wood shelves are a notch higher. So when you buy supermarket shelves, you should buy them according to your own store style and budget.

Let's take Aceally steel-wood supermarket shelves as an example to say the usual selling price of a set of supermarket shelves. The price of a set of single-sided shelves is about 280~760 RMB/set, and the price of double-sided shelves is about 580~1080 RMB/set.

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