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Supermarket common supporting equipment

Nowadays, not only do supermarkets need to choose the right location, they also need to control the costs, promote the products, and provide attentive services to customers in order to have a chance to stand out in the fierce competition. Operating a supermarket requires a lot of necessary supporting equipment, such as a variety of shelves, checkout counters, shopping carts, etc.. Today, I will share with you what are the common supporting equipment for supermarket shelves.

Supermarket common supporting equipment mainly include: casual food shelves, commodity shelves, bread shelves, beverage cabinets, supermarket checkout counters, supermarket tobacco and wine shelves, as well as some supporting equipment, such as shopping carts, shopping baskets, bag storage, cameras, etc.

Casual food shelves

Space for display is the primary factor that affects casual food sales. The first thing to consider is the main shelf size of the bulk food shelf. As the shelf area increases, the sales of casual food will also increase accordingly. According to related sources, 80% of the consumption of casual food stores is impulsive. Therefore, a corresponding increase in the main shelf area will not only increase impulse consumption, but also improve consumer awareness and ultimately increase sales in the store. Casual food shelves generally choose steel and wood shelves or steel shelves, not only economic, and can be assembled in bulk, the size of the space can be determined at will.

Commodity shelves

Supermarkets commonly used merchandise shelves generally have two structures: single-sided (placed against the wall) and double-sided (placed in the center of the supermarket). At present, steel and wood combination shelves are more economical. Cold-rolled steel is used for the columns and wood is used for the laminate. Of course, if you want to be economical, you can choose steel shelves.

Bread shelves

Bread shelves generally use pure wood shelves or steel and wood shelves, which not only ensure storage space, but also look upscale and easy to attract consumers.

Beverage cabinets, supermarket tobacco and wine shelves

Such shelves need more space, you can choose steel and wood combination or steel shelves.

Supermarket checkout counter

Supermarket checkout counters include checkout equipment and cashier counters. The employee and customers' height and convenience should be considered. The general size is the size produced by the manufacturer.

Shopping carts and shopping baskets

If you choose these two supporting equipment, pay attention to the material and comfort. Do not choose junk products, so as not to affect the shopping experience of consumers.


It is usually customized by the manufacturer. We only need to choose the specifications and the degree of automation.

Camera equipment

It is an essential equipment for supermarkets. Equipped with video equipment can provide customers with a safer shopping environment, in addition to helping us find lost items in a timely manner.

The above is the basic equipment needed to run a supermarket. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact our supermarket shelving facilities experts.

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